Monday, February 25, 2013

The Running Daddy's Running Thoughts on The Oscars

  1. Seth McFarlane was OK. Not great, but not terrible. Better than Billy Crystal last year... but that's a pretty low bar. 
  2. I did think the monologue was kind of clever... but the rest of the show was just... meh.
  3. I don't mind lip-syncing if it is done well... therefore, I really REALLY hated Catherine Zeta Jones in the "All That Jazz" number from Chicago. She mad Ashlee Simpson look like Beyonce.
  4. Jennifer Hudson... WOW.
  5. Cossette (both the character and Amanda Seyfried) suck.  There, I said it.  
  6. Do you think Kristen Stewart is just fucking with us now? The first thing she did when she presented was flip her hair over... and the first thing out of her mouth was "Ugh" (like a bored teenager). She was just trying to make the internet explode, right?
  7. OK, I just have to say it... Adele's last name is Adkins? How has Jay Leno not already made this joke?
  8. Somehow, Jennifer Lawrence out-adorabled Quvenzhané Wallis. (OK, not really, but her acceptance speech was pretty adorable)
  9. When they were playing the clip from the Oscar-nominated song that Scarlett Johansen sang... my wife mentioned that Scarlett had auditioned for Fantine in Les Mis, but had larengitis that day and (obviously didn't get the part). So, weirdly, Scarlett's Johansen's sore throat cost Sally Fields an Oscar.
  10. I guess I have to see Argo now (I already wanted to see it... but now I guess I HAVE to).

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