Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Twin Cities Marathon Training - Week 2

As you will recall, last week, I ended up skipping three workouts (including my first speed intervals workout).  So, my primary goal for Week 2 was to get all of my run workouts in... and I achieved that goal.  I still missed both of my cross-training workouts, but I'm hoping to get back into those next week (including a swim workout with my new toy)

Mon. June 25 - Rest - Another Monday, another skipped cross-training workout.  However, after the disastrous long run the day before, I couldn't bring myself to do anything.

Tues. June 26 - 4x800 m Intervals (3.79 mi, 37:13, 9:49/mi avg) - My first speed workout of the training program, and this one was actually pretty easy.  Only four 800s go by pretty quick.  My goal for each 800 m interval was 3:37
1) 800 m - 3:35
2) 800 m - 3:32
3) 800 m - 3:31
4) 800 m - 3:33