Friday, March 23, 2012

Get Lucky 7K Race Recap

I'm the guy in green - (Source: Team Ortho Get Lucky Facebook Page)
When you think of St. Patrick's Day, I'm guessing you're like me... you think of people pretending to be Irish and drinking (don't act like you don't).  Well, if you add "Running" to that equation, you get the Get Lucky races here in Minneapolis. (Let me check my math:  Fake Irish + Booze + Running = Get Lucky.  Yep, the math checks out).

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There are actually two Get Lucky races.  The 7K (which I ran), and a "Triple 7K," which is really a Half Marathon (or maybe it really is a 21K, which is damn close to a Half Marathon, I don't really know).  Basically, you dress up in green, run a race, and you get a voucher for one free beer at a local Irish Pub.

As I posted late last week, the weather was A-MAZ-ING!  It was in the upper 60s or lower 70s (in freakin' MARCH).  Most people were wearing shorts and short sleeves (although there were a few still wearing pants and/or long sleeves).  I had the same outfit I was wearing for the Disney Half (you can see the shirt in my medal picture).  But, I added some funky green Injinji socks.
Never mind the feet - what is up with those hairy legs?!
Festivity achieved!  The race started out in Minneapolis near the Mississippi River.  In the first mile or so, we looped around and past the Guthrie Theater.
The Guthrie looked cool.
and onto and across the Stone Arch Bridge.
Yep, that's the mighty Mississip
See those little green dots on the bridge?  Those guys (and ladies) are FAST!  (BTW, that's the last picture I took)
Then we ran through the St. Anthony Main area (cobblestones and brick streets are NOT conducing to running Vibrams) until turning back to cross the river.  The bridge back over the Mississippi unfortunately involved one of the biggest hills in the world (OK, not really, but it was a bridge, so it was pretty steep).  Then it was just a bit over a mile along West River Road until the finish.  A nice compact race.

Based on my training for the Lincoln Half, I was expecting to be able to run around my "Short Tempo" pace (which is around 8:10/mile), or maybe a bit faster, which would bring me in at around 36 minutes for the 7K (4.35 miles).  Unfortunately, I stupidly forgot my Garmin at home, so I decided to just run by "feel."  (I had my iPhone with me (which is why I have some pictures from the race), so I could have used the stopwatch, or Runkeeper, but I figured... meh).

I thought I was running pretty quick during the race, so I was expecting to hit my goal (anything under 36 minutes).  But, I guess I really was running quick, because my official time was (drumroll.....): 

Official Chip Time: 33:23
Official Chip Pace: 7:41/mi 

I honestly don't know how I maintained that kind of pace over 4+ miles (some of it was the kick at the end, but still!).  That average pace was about 20 seconds per mile faster than my current 5K PR (which leads me to believe I should be able to shatter my 5K PR next month when I run the Race for Justice).
(Image Source: Get Lucky Website)
  Overall, it was a pretty fun race.  We had gorgeous weather, and fast course, and a PR.  I'll take that!

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