Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Twin Cities Marathon Training - Week 1

It's finally here... I'm now (sort of) officially training for a marathon.  And it wasn't a great start to my training.  Oh well, that's why the program is 16 weeks long.

Mon. June 18 - Rest - I ran 11 miles on Sunday, so this is was a rest day (alright!  First day of the training program, and one workout skipped already!  Great job, Mike!)

Tues. June 19 - Rest - This was supposed to be a 3x1600 m interval workout... but a HUGE storm hit the South Metro of the Twin Cities (where I live)... and it hit just before I was about to go out for my run.  This storm ended up flipping FREAKIN' PLANES over just a few miles from my house, so it's probably good that I didn't run.

Wed. June 20 Rest - OK, so I could have worked out this morning... and I don't really have an excuse not to... but I couldn't really bring myself to make up the previous day's missed interval workout or the cross training workout I was scheduled to do this morning.  Ugh.  Three days in, and I've missed ALL three workouts so far.

Thurs. June 21 - 2 mi Short Tempo (5.60 mi, 51:24, 9:14/mi avg) - phew, I finally got out for a run... and for a very tough and fast tempo run too.  Thankfully, the "tempo" part of this workout was only for 2 miles.  My goal for the tempo portion was 8:05/mi
Warm up - 2 mi, 18:48, 9:24/mi
2 mi Tempo Run - 15:45, 7:52/mi
Cool Down - 1.6 mi, 16:52, 10:32/mi

Fri. June 22 - Rest - This was actually a scheduled rest day.
Sat. June 23 - Rest - My wife and I have been busy getting the house ready for guests next weekend, and after a long day of yard work and other chores around the house, plus playing with the kids, I decided to push this workout to Sunday morning... BIG MISTAKE.

Sun. June 24 -10 mile Long Run (reduced from 13) (10.32 mi, 1:44:24, 10:07/mi) - This was a TERRIBLE RUN.  It started out OK, with the first four or five miles being right on target, or even a little faster than my goal (9:29/mi)... but then the hills started coming, and the temperature and the humidity started rising.  I ended up cutting the run short and calling my wife to pick me up along the route.

Total Running Miles for Week 1: 15.92
Total Running Time for Week 1: 2:34:58
Total X-training Time for Week 1: 0:00:00 
Total Training Time for Week 1: 2:34:58

Total Running Miles for TC Marathon Training: 15.92
Total Running Time for TC Marathon Training: 2:34:58
Total Training Time (Running + X-training) for TC Marathon Training: 2:34:58

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