Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Twin Cities Marathon Training - Week 2

As you will recall, last week, I ended up skipping three workouts (including my first speed intervals workout).  So, my primary goal for Week 2 was to get all of my run workouts in... and I achieved that goal.  I still missed both of my cross-training workouts, but I'm hoping to get back into those next week (including a swim workout with my new toy)

Mon. June 25 - Rest - Another Monday, another skipped cross-training workout.  However, after the disastrous long run the day before, I couldn't bring myself to do anything.

Tues. June 26 - 4x800 m Intervals (3.79 mi, 37:13, 9:49/mi avg) - My first speed workout of the training program, and this one was actually pretty easy.  Only four 800s go by pretty quick.  My goal for each 800 m interval was 3:37
1) 800 m - 3:35
2) 800 m - 3:32
3) 800 m - 3:31
4) 800 m - 3:33 

Wed. June 27 Rest - Another skipped cross-training workout.  This time because work has been crazy and every night has been spent cleaning the house for our upcoming guests.  Maybe next week.

Thurs. June 28 - 5 mi Marathon Pace (6.65 mi, 1:02:13, 9:21/mi avg) - It was very hot and humid this morning (even at 5 AM it was in the 80s), so I didn't quite hit my marathon pace goal of 8:59/mi, but I was sort of close.
Warm up - 1 mi, 9:33
5 mi Marathon Pace Run - 45:49, 9:10/mi avg (1. 8:51, 2. 8:57, 3. 9:15 (some walking), 4. 9:56 (a lot more walking); 5. 8:50)
Cool Down - 0.65 mi, 6:52, 10:37/mi

Fri. June 29 - Rest

Sat. June 30 - 13 mi Long Run (reduced from 15) (13.17 mi, 2:07:50, 9:42/mi) - After the horrible long run from last week, I decided to build up my mileage for my long runs a bit slower.  So, I have cut out one of the 20 mile long runs from my training program (so that there are now 4 instead of 5), and I will build a bit slower to the first 20 mile run.  From that point on, the program will essentially be exactly the same as originally planned.

This was actually a pretty good run, especially considering how the heat started to build up over the last hour (we had record highs in the Twin Cities over the weekend, and we were just starting to feel that on Saturday morning).  My goal for this long run was 9:44/mi, and I just squeaked in there.

Sun. July 1 - 2.5 mile walk around Valleyfair - with family in town, my sisters-in-law and their cousins went to the local amusement park.  For fun, I wore my Garmin and tracked us walking just about 2.5 miles.

Total Running/Walking Miles for Week 2: 26.11 (23.61 miles running, 2.5 miles walking)
Total Running Time for Week 2: 3:47:16
Total X-training Time for Week 2: 0:00:00 
Total Training Time for Week 2: 3:47:16

Total Running Miles for TC Marathon Training: 39.53 (not including the walking)

Total Running Time for TC Marathon Training: 6:22:14
Total Training Time (Running + X-training) for TC Marathon Training: 6:22:14

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