Monday, February 27, 2012

Lincoln Half Marathon Training - Week 8

As I mentioned in last week's training summary and in my March Goals post, I've been struggling to keep up with the paces that I was trying to hit for my training plan (or at least for the tempo and long runs), so I decided to pull back a bit and slow down my paces.  I'm still faster than I was at this point in my training for the Disney Half, so I figure I can still be on pace for a PR, but now I won't be killing myself on Friday to hit a tempo pace that is too fast, which burns me out for my long run on Sunday.  We'll see how it works out. 

Mon. Feb. 20 - Rest Day
Tues. Feb. 21 - Rest Day - Still trying to fight off a cold, plus my wife and one of my kids were in the end stages of a fairly nasty stomach flu (that I was thankfully spared).  [The rest of the training summary after the jump]
Wed. Feb. 22 - 6x800 m Intervals (Treadmill) (4.90 miles, 51:58, 10:36/mi avg) - Another snow a day or two before my "track" repeats, another workout on the treadmill. Oh well. Once I got on the thing, I felt pretty good. My goal for each 800m interval was 3:47.
Warm up (1 mi, 10:20)
1) 800 m - 3:47
2) 800 m - 3:47
3) 800 m - 3:46
4) 800 m - 3:47
5) 800 m - 3:48
6) 800 m - 3:46
Cool Down - 0.35 mi, 5:35

Thurs. Feb. 23 - Cross Training - 30 min. stationary bike (9.07 miles)

Fri. Feb. 24 - 5 mi. Mid-Tempo (Treadmill) (6.50 miles, 59:57, 9:13/mi avg.) -  Back on the treadmill again. Overall, I felt pretty good. My target for the tempo portion was 8:40/mi
Warmup - 1 mi., 10:33
5 mi. tempo run - 43:10, 8:38/mi avg.  - 1) 8:41, 2) 8:38, 3) 8:39, 4) 8:36, 5) 8:36
Cool Down - 0.5 mi, 6:15

Sat. Feb. 25 - Rest Day

Sun. Feb. 26 - 11 mi mile Long Run (Treadmill) (11.00 miles, 1:49:30. 9:57/mi avg) - I was supposed to do 12 miles, but on the dreadmill I just couldn't do it (plus I had somewhere I had to be, and I couldn't spare the 10 minutes it would have taken to squeeze out that last mile).  My Long Run Woes continue.  I don't understand why I've had so much trouble with them.  I hope this turns around in the next month or so.  Otherwise, it's looking like a PR at Lincoln may not be in the cards.

Total Running Miles: 22.40
Total Running Time: 3:41:25
Total X-training Time: 0:30:00
Total Training Time: 4:11:25

Total Running Miles for Lincoln Half Training: 128.46
Total Running Time for Lincoln Half Training: 20:37:33
Total Training Time (Running + X-training) for Lincoln Half Training: 1 day, 10:33 (25:10:33).

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