Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lincoln Half Marathon Training Summary

This morning, I ran my last workout as my training for the 2012 Lincoln National Guard Half Marathon.  The following is a quick summary of the training.

Like I did for the Disney World Half Marathon, I used the Run Faster, Run Less training program and followed it very well when it comes to the almost religiously with respect to the running workouts (on the other hand, I was pretty lax for the cross-training workouts, as you will see).  This training program was pretty long, but I think it did a good job of mixing up the workouts so that it didn't get too boring or repetative.  Anyway, here is my training program, by the numbers:

  • Total Running Workouts 49 (There were supposed to be 53, but I was injured in February, so I had to skip several running workouts, some of which I made up for in some easy runs.  This broke out into 15 track interval workouts (16 planned), 14 tempo runs (16 planned), and 14 long runs, and 1 long-run race (the Walt Disney World Half Marathon, which was a workout for this training program)
  • Total Running Miles - 344.22348.66 (that's a bit over four miles further than the running I did for the Walt Disney World Half)
  • Total Running Time - 2 days, 6 hours, 15 minutes, 43 seconds (54:15:43)  (Which was almost 3 hours less than the amount of time I spent running for Disney.  That's pretty sweet... more distance, but less time... yay, I'm getting faster)
  • Longest Run 15.04 miles, Apr. 6
  • Slowest Long Run 10:03/mile (Feb. 5, 9 miles) - this was the first long run after I injured my calf in February, so I was supposed to take it easy.  My next slowest was a 9:57/mile 12-miler a few weeks later (Feb. 26)
  • Fastest Long Run - 8:42/mile (twice: Apr. 15, 10 miles and Apr. 22, 12 miles) - It was only toward the end when I was really able to push my long run pace.  We'll see if it translates to a good race.
  • Slowest Short Tempo Run - 9:26/mile (not including warmup and cool down) (Feb. 3, 3 miles) - As I described in my review of the Run Less, Run Faster book, there are 3 types of tempo runs: short (or fast) tempo, Mid-tempo, and long (or slow) tempo.  There were only 3 total short tempo workouts.  This was also the first tempo run after I injured my calf, and I don't think my body was fully ready for a tempo run.  I walked a lot.
  • Fastest Short Tempo Run - 7:49/mile (Apr. 27, 3 miles).  This was the last tempo run of the whole program.  This pace was also 24 seconds per mile faster than my fastest short tempo run during my Disney Training
  • Slowest Mid-Tempo Run - 8:38/mile (Sept. 15, 5 miles (not counting warmup and cool down).  Basically the same as my fastest mid-tempo run from my Disney training.
  • Fastest Mid-Tempo Run - 8:02/mile (Apr. 13, 2x2 miles) - This one is a bit misleading because it was a set of two 2-mile intervals.  My fastest continuous mid-tempo run was an 8:13/mi 5-miler on Apr. 4.
  • Total Workout Time - 2 days, 11 hours, 39 minutes, 43 seconds  (almost 2 and a half days of sweating for this one race)
Let's see if it pays off on Sunday.

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