Monday, January 30, 2012

Lincoln Half Marathon Training - Week 4

I had planned on having a full training week, but I am pretty sure I strained the soleus muscle in my right calf, so I ended up just scrubbing two workouts completely.  (The full summary of Week 4 is after the jump)

Mon. Jan. 23 - Rest Day - initially I had planned on trying to get in an extra cross-training day Monday morning, but I had too much to do at work, so I just got into work early.

Tues. Jan. 17 Cross Training - 35 min. Stationary Bike (11.53 miles, 19.8 mph avg.) - I finally did another cross-training workout.  I hope to do a swimming workout on Wednesday.  I guess that means I need to find my swim suit.

Wed. Jan. 18 Speed Intervals - 1200m, 1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m (Treadmill) (Total Workout Miles: 3.95, Total Time: 45:45, 11:35/mi avg.) - I felt good for most of the intervals, but by the end my calf was hurting. I hope it was just tight.   Splits are as follows:
5 min. warmup (0.46 mi)
1) 1200 m - 5:39 (goal 5:37)
2) 1000 m - 4:39 (goal 4:38)
3) 800 m - 3:41 (goal 3:41)
4) 600 m - 2:41 (goal 2:44)
5) 400 m - 1:47 (goal 1:48)
6) 200 m - 0:52 (goal 0:55)
Short cool down (200 m or so)

Thurs. Jan. 19 - Cross Training

Fri. Jan. 20 - Injured Rest  - My calf is still hurting, and was still twinging during my warm up so I cut off the workout.  I hope this goes away soon.  Planned workout was a 5 mile mid tempo run.

Sat. Jan. 21 - Rest Day

Sun Jan. 22 - Injured Rest - My calf still was hurt, and I was travelling, so I just skipped this week's long run (a planned 9 mile long run).  My plan for the next week is to not do any running except for next Sunday's long run (another 9 miler).  The rest of my workouts will probably be swimming workouts to avoid any further calf aggravation

Total Running Miles: 3.95
Total Running Time: 0:45:45
Total X-training Time: 1:15:00
Total Training Time: 2:00:45

Total Running Miles for Lincoln Half Training: 46.6
Total Running Time for Lincoln Half Training: 7:18:18
Total Training Time (Running + X-training) for Lincoln Half Training: 8:33:18

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