Monday, April 9, 2012

Lincoln Half Marathon Training - Week 14

After this week, I'm now entering the home stretch, so to speak.  I have now had my longest long run of the training program (15 miles), and there is only one more "true" long run left (a 12 miler in two weeks).  There's still some pretty tough speed work and a couple tough tempo runs, but from here on out the long weekend runs are gravy.

(Check out the workouts after the jump) 
(Note for this week: Because I was going to be traveling for Easter weekend, I shifted all my workouts to one day earlier, so my speed workout was on Monday (normally Tuesday), my tempo run was on Wednesday (normally Tuesday), and my long run was on Friday (normally Saturday)).

Mon. Apr. 2 - 10 x 400 m Intervals (6.1 mi, 1:01:36, 10:06/mi avg) - Cold and windy, but I can do 400s in any condition.  My goal split for each 400 was 1:47, and as you can see, I generally blew that out of the water.  This was also my first run ever in my new Vibram FiveFingers Speeds.
1. 400 m - 1:44
2. 400 m - 1:44
3. 400 m - 1:42
4. 400 m - 1:42
5. 400 m - 1:42
6. 400 m - 1:42
7. 400 m - 1:44
8. 400 m - 1:44
9. 400 m - 1:45
10. 400 m - 1:48        
Tues. Apr. 3 Rest - more craziness at work pretty much eliminated any possibility of doing a workout today.

Wed. Apr. 4 - 5 mi Mid-Tempo Run (6.65 mi, :57:05, 8:35/mi avg) - I really like tempo runs because I feel like they give the best indication of improving fitness.  Today, I was supposed to do a 5 mile "mid tempo" run, which is the bread-and-butter tempo workout of my training plan (of the 17 planned tempo runs, five are 5 mile mid-tempo runs, and one more is a 6 mile mid-tempo run).  My average pace during the tempo portions of these workouts has steadily improved (by about 25 seconds per mile).  My target goal pace for the tempo portion today was 8:19/mile, but I averaged 8:13 for this run (1. 8:11, 2. 8:08, 3. 8:13, 4. 8:18, 5. 8:14) 

Thurs. Apr. 5 - Rest

Fri. Apr. 6 - 15 mi Long Run (15.04 mi., 2:26:47, 9:06/mi avg) - This is the longest run of my training program, and I am ecstatic because I totally nailed it.  This was obviously a very tough workout, as I was keeping one of the fastest long-run paces of the entire training program (and honestly one of the fastest long-run paces of my life), and doing that for 15 freakin' miles.  I'm very happy, and now it's basically tune-ups and tapers until race day

Sat. Apr. 7 - Rest - spending some time with family in Iowa.

Sun. Apr. 8 (Easter Sunday) - Rest - ditto... and then traveling back to the Twin Cities.

Total Running Miles for Week 10: 27.79
Total Running Time for Week 10: 4:15:28
Total X-training Time for Week 10: 0:00:00 
Total Training Time for Week 10: 4:15:28

Total Running Miles for Lincoln Half Marathon Training: 271.88
Total Running Time for Lincoln Half Marathon Training: 1 day, 18:52:06 (42:52:06) 
Total Training Time (Running + X-training) for Lincoln Half Marathon Training: 2 days, 16:06 (48:16:06)

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