Monday, April 16, 2012

Lincoln Half Marathon Training - Week 15

This was a crazy week, because I had a 5K race this week, and at a weird time too (Monday evening... which is normally a cross-training or easy run day for me).  I had another PR with this race (that's four for the year!).  I also bumped up my target paces (er... technically, bumped down, since they all got faster) based on my kick-ass 15 mile long run last week and the nice 5K time from Monday.

(Check out the workouts after the jump) 
(Note for this week: Because of the first 5K (which was, weirdly, on Monday evening, which is normally a cross-training or easy run day) I pushed all my workouts back one day. 

Mon. Apr. 9 - University of Minnesota Design of Medical Devices 5K (3.33 mi, 24:40, 7:24/mi avg) - First off, I know a 5K is actually 3.1 miles (actually 3.107), but I checked the course we ran on Gmap Pedometer (a great website for figuring out running routes, BTW), and it came out to 3.33 miles.  If I had maintained this pace over an actual 5K, my time would have been 23:01.  24:40 is still a PR, so I'm fine with that, but I want my record keeping to be clear.
Tues. Apr. 10 Rest - I had hoped to do a short, easy run this morning to work out any kinks from the previous night's 5K, but sleep won.

Wed. Apr. 11 - 3x2000 m Intervals (5.82 mi, 54:51, 9:25/mi avg) - 2000 meters is a REALLY tough distance when you are doing speed intervals.  For some reason, 5 times around the track feels like FOREVER.  Next week will be even tougher, as I have to do 2x3200 m, or EIGHT times around the track.  My goal for each 2000 m interval was 9:12.
1) 2000 m - 9:01
2) 2000 m - 9:08
3) 2000 m - 9:07

Thurs. Apr. 12 -Rest - Another day when I had planned on doing a short, easy run... but my son woke up in the middle of the night crying and screaming (which he almost NEVER does, and we still don't know why... it doesn't seem to have been a bad dream, but who knows).  It took over an hour to get him back to sleep, so I used the time I would have been running and showering to sleep.

Fri. Apr. 13 - 2x2 mi. Mid Tempo (6.76 mi, 59:22, 8:47/mi avg)- this was my first tempo run at this new set of goal paces, which is always tough.  Thankfully, it was just two 2-mile stretches, which is easier to deal with.  Next week's 5 mi mid tempo will be tough.  My goal for the tempo portion was 8:06/mi
Warmup - 1 mi., 9:46
1) 2 mi. mid tempo - 16:00 (1. 8:01, 2. 7:59), 8:00/mi avg.
2) 1 mi. easy - 9:39/mi
3) 2 mi. mid tempo - 16:08 (1. 8:09, 2. 7:59), 8:04/mi avg.
Cool down - 0.77 mi, 10:11/mi avg 

Sat. Apr. 14 - Rest

Sun. Apr. 15 - 10 mi Long Run (10.06 mi, 1:27:27, 8:42/mi) -I actually didn't feel super great during this run, but that might just be because the pace was considerably faster than any non-race long run I've ever done.  Regardless, I was able to keep pushing the pace and snuck in just under the 8:43/mi that was my goal.  One more tough long run (next week, 12 miles at 8:43/mi or faster), and then I get a couple weeks to taper.

Total Running Miles for Week 10: 25.97
Total Running Time for Week 10: 3:46:20
Total X-training Time for Week 10: 0:00:00 
Total Training Time for Week 10: 3:46:20

Total Running Miles for Lincoln Half Marathon Training: 297.85
Total Running Time for Lincoln Half Marathon Training: 1 day, 22:38:26 (46:38:26) 
Total Training Time (Running + X-training) for Lincoln Half Marathon Training: 2 days, 4 hours, 2:26 (52:02:26

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