Monday, April 2, 2012

Lincoln Half Marathon Training - Week 13

Another really good week of workouts. Work has been crazy, but the strong workouts have made things alright.

(Check out the workouts after the jump) 
Mon. Mar. 26 - Rest - Work has been crazy (which is why I shouldn't be spending time blogging... oops), so I'm going to have to skip several cross-training workouts over the coming weeks.

Tues. Mar 27 - 3x1600m Intervals (Treadmill) (5.5 mi, 52:57, 9:38/mi avg) - It was pretty cold (mid to upper 30s), very windy (20 mph+) and raining, so I decided to run on the dreadmill again... and how was I rewarded for my sensible decision?  With a bloody foot.  Guest it's time to cut the toenails (gross I know).  Other than that, this workout went fine.
1) 1600 m - 7:34
2) 1600 m - 7:33 (whoa!  18 seconds faster than the goal.  Oops)
3) 1600 m - 7:32

Wed. Mar. 28 - Rest - Another skipped cross-training day to get in early for work.

Thurs. Mar. 29 - 6 mi Easy Run (6.23 mi., 59:51, 9:36/mi avg.) - A relaxing run in the early morning... no real pace goal, and it was lovely. 

Fri. Mar. 30 - Rest

Sat. Mar. 31 - 10 mi Long Run (10.19miles, 1:30:31, 8:53/mi avg) - This was an AWESOME run.  I keep a strong, steady pace, I wasn't working too hard, and I was still able to keep a sub-9 minute pace for the full 10 miles (with only one mile being above that, but that mile was toward the end and had a huge hill in it).  I love this kind of run.

Sun. Apr. 1 - Rest

Total Running Miles for Week 10: 21.92
Total Running Time for Week 10: 3:23:19
Total X-training Time for Week 10: 0:00:00 
Total Training Time for Week 10: 3:23:19

Total Running Miles for Lincoln Half Marathon Training: 244.09
Total Running Time for Lincoln Half Marathon Training: 1 day, 14:36:38 (38:36:38) 
Total Training Time (Running + X-training) for Lincoln Half Marathon Training: 1 day, 20:00:38 (44:00:38)

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