Monday, April 2, 2012

March 2012 Recap

It's time for a recap of my running goals for March 2012: 

1. Run at PR 7K - My previous PR for the 7K (which I'm pretty sure only includes the Get Lucky 7K race here in Minneapolis and a similar 7K in Chicago) was 44:19 (10:11/mile).  As I wrote in my Get Lucky Race Recap, I was able to crush that PR (33:24, 7:41/mi).  I am ecstatic about this result... but also a little worried.  There's only one way to go after success like this... and that's down. Goal: Achieved!
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2. Run Over 100 Miles - I was a bit worried about meeting this goal, since I missed one training run and a couple planned "easy" run days, but I passed this goal by during my Saturday long run for a total of 110.13 miles for the month.  Goal: Achieved!

3. Cross Train At Least 7 Times - Well, you can't succeed at every goal.  I didn't even come close to this one.  Instead, I only made it to the gym 3 times this month (2 stationary bike, 1 swim).  Maybe next month (although I doubt it, work is getting crazy... and it's hard to justify the workout, which makes me later for work, for what is basically junk miles) Goal: FAIL! :(

4. Run at Least One Long Run at faster than 9:20/mi. - Earlier in the month, I didn't think I was going to meet this goal... but I managed to do it twice, once on a 14 mile long run no less, the weekend before last, and again on Saturday for a 10 miler.  I'm super stoked about this, particularly since I was starting out the month with long runs in the 9:50-10:00 minute range. Goal: Achieved!

5. Increase my Goal Paces At Least Once During the Month - Late in February, I was having a shitty time running.  I couldn't hit my long run paces, and the tempo runs weren't much better.  I figured I was shooting a bit high on ALL my targets, and thus burning my legs out by the end of the week... so, I pulled my target paces back and hoped that I'd catch up by the end of the month.  And, catch up I did.  I really just wanted to increase my pace once during March, but I ended up increasing them twice (and once more after last weekend's long run, which didn't take effect until April).  Now, I'm actually faster than my Disney race time indicates (although I only have one real "long" run left).  Goal: Achieved!

Not too bad... 4 out of 5 goals achieved.  And the only one that I didn't achieve was the cross-training, which (a) I never seem to get done anyway, and (b) I've been SUPER busy with work, so I pretty much need to take every opportunity I can to get into work ASAP (which means that going to the gym in the morning usually get's pushed back).  I'm going to try to do better (and I'm also going to try to do more "Easy" run days rather than cross training, which I can usually get in quicker in the morning).

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