Monday, June 18, 2012

Workout Summary - June 11-17

Another week with a couple runs.  Nothing too major, but I'm slowly getting back out there.

Mon. June 11 - Rest - yep, another week starting off resting (although this time because I ran a 9 mile long run the day before) 

Tues. June 12 - 5 mi Easy Run (5.19 mi, 47:41, 9:11/mi) - I need to rebuild some of my endurance base, so this week was all about longer, slow runs.  This actually turn out to be a bit faster than I wanted (I wanted to stay in around 9:30/mi), but I felt good.

Wed. June 13 - Rest 

Thurs. June 14 - 6 mi Easy Run (6.07 mi, 55:57, 9:13/mi) - Another pretty solid longer run at a relatively easy pace.

Fri. June 15 - Rest

Sat. June 16 - Rest - Initially I had planned on doing my long run on Saturday, but we were going to have breakfast with my parents to celebrate Father's Day with my dad, so I decided to push it to Sunday.

Sun. June 17 - 11 mi long run (11.38 mi, 1:46:37. 9:22/mi avg) - FINALLY!  A long run that felt decent.  In fact, for the first 7-8 miles, I felt like I was going slow, but kept clocking miles right around 9:00/mi (I had to practically force myself to go slower).  The last couple miles weren't so strong (more like in the 9:30-9:40 range), but I don't mind that.  Next week starts Marathon Training!

Total Running Miles for Week: 22.64
Total Running Time for Week: 3:30:15

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