Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Workout Summary - June 4-10

Another week with a couple runs.  Nothing too major, but I'm slowly getting back out there.

(Check out the workouts after the jump) 

Mon. June 4 - Rest.

Tues. June 5 - Rest - I was hoping to run Tuesday morning, but there was something going on with my kids that evening (I'm blanking on exactly what), so I had to get into work early.

Wed. June 6 - 7 x 400 m Hill Repeats - There's a hill near my house that is a moderate but not incredibly hard grade and it's almost exactly 400 m long, so I decided to do some hill repeats to get some strength back. Hill repeats are very tough!  Just for a frame of reference, I can normally do 400 m repeats on a track in the 1:35-1:40 range and maintain those splits for 10 or even 12 repeats.  I was starting suck wind on the last few of these hill repeats
1) 400 m (hill) - 1:45
2) 400 m (hill) - 1:43
3) 400 m (hill) - 1:46
4) 400 m (hill) - 1:48
5) 400 m (hill) - 1:54
6) 400 m (hill) - 1:54
7) 400 m (hill) - 1:54

Thurs. June 7 - Rest

Fri. June 8 - Rest - I had planned to do an easy run this morning, but sleep seemed like such a better idea.

Sat. June 9 - Rest

Sun. June 10 - 9 mi long run (9.0 mi, 1:29:15. 9:55/mi avg) - I felt good for a lot of this run, but the hills started to get to me (it's pretty hilly around where I live), and I ended up walking up a lot of them.  It was also pretty hot (even though I started running before 7 AM, it was in the upper 60s/low 70s and starting to get pretty humid).  I hope that the heat was part of why this run was so bad.  Next week - 11 miles!  The week after that is the beginning of my marathon training plan (with a 13-miler on that Saturday!)

Total Running Miles for Week: 14.13
Total Running Time for Week: 2:28:55

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