Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hump Day Humor II: The Return of the Tebow: The Empire (State) Strikes Back

After last week's Tebow-centric humor post left you begging for more (yes, I know nobody really read the first one... shut up), the Internet provided again... this time at the expense of Mark "the Shanchize" Sanchez.  But first:

The Motherf*$king Pterodactyl Song (from The Oatmeal)

(More Funny After the Jump)

Tim Tebow's Texts With Mark Sanchez (via Buzzfeed)
Apparently, Mark likes the kinder:

Facebook is Full of Idiots (derp) (Buzzfeed)
Here's a nice compilation of stupid things people do on Facebook, here are my faves:
And one example of awesomeness on Facebook:

Enjoy the rest of your week everybody!

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