Thursday, March 1, 2012

February 2012 - A month I'd rather forget

February 2012 is finally done and it was kind of a terrible running month for me.  (It wasn't the greatest month at work either, but I'm going to keep my professional life out of this blog... because I don't want to bore you with the exciting life of a patent attorney).

I started the month injured with a soleus strain.  Technically, I got injured in January, but the rest and recovery for it basically shot the first two weeks of February.  Then, because of the injury and other issues, my endurance has taken a real hit and I've been unable to hit my target paces (by a LOT) during my training runs, particularly on my long runs.  Unless this weekends long run is better, I'm probably going to pull back my target paces again (and since it's probably only 50/50 that I'll even be able to run outside, I'm thinking I won't hit this weekend's target either).

I know these "problems" are pretty minor compared to a lot of people's lives... Heck, I know these "problems" are minor compared to some people's running problems (my injury was relatively minor, nothing like a stress fracture or some lingering, 6-month long knee injury), and really all this means is I probably won't PR in the Half Marathon in May.  Oh well.  But, this Half in May was really my only chance to PR in the Half for awhile, since I'll be focusing on a Full Marathon for this fall, then (hopefully) on gearing up for the Goofy Challenge next January.

After that, I'm going to have to scale back training immensely because my wife and I plan on adding a 3rd little runner sometime in 2013, and the long training for Halfs and full marathons is not really conducive to taking care of two toddlers and a pregnant wife, and then taking care of two toddlers and a newborn.  I may be able to do a more toned-down training program and run a Half here and there, but I won't be able to put in the time for a "serious" training program.  Instead, I'll probably focus on 5Ks and 10Ks.

OK, I'm thinking about this way too much, and I just need to calm down and focus on my next run (a 2x2 mi. tempo run).  Enjoy March, because February is finally over (thank God).

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