Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hump Day Humor - The Tebow Eddition

I'm starting a new "feature" today called "Hump Day Humor."  It will be a collection of things that I found funny or interesting on the internet during the previous week (when I remember to do it).

This week, the dominant funny-ness on the internet (for me) had to do with the Denver Broncos acquisition of Peyton Manning, and the "drama" this created in Tebow-land (if you don't know what a "Denver Bronco" a "Peyton Manning" or a "Tim Tebow" is, than I don't have time to explain it).  The two best Tebow-related humor that I saw were:

Tebow's Imagined Response to the Manning News (Buzzfeed)
Here are the best three:
(More Humor After the Jump)

Tim Tebow's Twitter Feed Just Before Finding Out About Peyton Manning (Funny or Die)
Just before he logs on to his e-mail
Getting some encouragement from his running back:
I think he just heard the news:
Trying to make sense of it all, if John Elway would just leave him alone!  Leave TEBOW ALONE!

OK, and for you non-sports, or at least non-football types, here's some random funny.

(via Buzzfeed)
And finally, for my fellow lawyer friends Supreme Court Justices Drowsily Bid One Another Good Night While Drifting Off to Sleep In Giant Shared Bed
"'I can’t sleep. I’m still hungry!' said Justice Samuel Alito, popping up from between his dozing peers. 'Psst…are you still awake, Anthony? Will you read me the court’s unanimous opinion from Marbury v. Madison to help me fall asleep?' 'Again?' Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg asked from the other side of the bed . . . 'You’ve had someone read that one to you every night this week, already! You better go to bed or you’ll be all tired tomorrow.'"

""They’re such angels when they’re sleeping,' said Supreme Court fellow David Fitzsimmons, gazing in through the doorway as the nine justices gently slumbered away. 'Just so peaceful and sweet, the dears.'"

Happy Wednesday Everybody!

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