Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lincoln Half Marathon Training - Week 11

Last week was a good week.  It was my second consecutive week with a "good" long run (e.g., hitting, and even exceeding, my pace goal).  I felt strong in all my runs, and I did my cross training (although one of them is going to be a substitute for this week's missed Monday workout) 

Mon. Mar. 12 - Rest - There was a work event on Sunday night that went very late, so I could not get myself out of bed early to hit the gym.  But, since I had swam yesterday (Sunday from the week before), I don't feel too bad about missing this one.

Tues. Mar 13 - 3x(2x1200 m) (6.7 mi, 1:03:40, 9:30/mi avg) - WOO HOO, I actually got to run this one outside on the track!  I LOVE running these on the track rather than the treadmill.  I actually felt like I was going slow during all of these intervals, but every single one was faster than my goal (which felt really fast on the treadmill the last time I had to do 1200 m intervals).  My goal for each 1200 m interval was 5:44
1) 1200 m - 5:28 (went out way to fast for this one, but didn't die at the end because of it)
2) 1200 m - 5:35
3) 1200 m - 5:40
4) 1200 m - 5:39
5) 1200 m - 5:37
6) 1200 m - 5:38

Wed. Mar. 14 -35 min. Stationary Bike (11.1 mi, 35:00, 19.03 mph avg.) - Nothing special about this workout, just drudgery on the stationary bike. 

Thurs. Mar. 15 - 6 mi. Mid Tempo (7.72 mi., 1:08:15, 8:50/mi avg.) - This is probably the toughest tempo workout of the entire half marathon training program (it is tied for the longest tempo run at 6 miles, but that other tempo run is a "long tempo" which is at a pace about 15 sec./mile slower), and it was definitely tough (especially toward the end of mile 4 and most of mile 5), but I powered through and feel pretty good about it.  My goal for the tempo portion was 8:35/mi., and I hit 8:28/mi. for the tempo portion).
Warmup - 10:00, 1.05 mi. (9:31/mi avg)
Tempo run - 50:47 (8:28/mi avg) (1. 8:26, 2. 8:22, 3. 8:28, 4. 8:33, 5. 8:32, 6. 8:26)
Cool down - 0.67 mi, 7:27, 11:08/mi avg 

Fri. Mar. 16 - Rest

Sat. Mar. 17 - Saturday's Workout was split into two parts:

1) Get Lucky 7K Race (4.35 miles, 33:23, 7:40/mi avg.) - A weird distance (7K, 4.35 mile), even if it does make sense for St. Patrick's Day.  My goal for the race was to be somewhere around 36:00 (8:17/mi).  I actually forgot my Garmin, so I was running this one "blind," and I just ran what felt right.  I guess I felt pretty good, since I was able to maintain an average pace over 7K that was even faster than my previous PR pace for the 5K.

2) 7 mi Long Run (to complete the distance for the day's planned 10 mi long run) (7.13 miles, 1:08:54, 9:40/mi avg) - It was pretty hot, so I probably should have gone for a shorter distance, but I felt great for the first 4 miles (around a 9:12/mi pace), then I started to hit some hills, and got tired pretty quickly.  Hopefully the double up day will be a good cardiovascular buildup. 

Sun. Mar. 18 - Rest

Total Running Miles for Week 10: 25.90
Total Running Time for Week 10: 3:54:00
Total X-training Time for Week 10: 0:35:00
Total Training Time for Week 10: 4:29:12

Total Running Miles for Lincoln Half Marathon Training: 195.86
Total Running Time for Lincoln Half Marathon Training: 1 day, 7:11:03 (31:11:03)

Total Training Time (Running + X-training) for Lincoln Half Marathon Training: 1 day, 12:35:03 (36:35:03).

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