Thursday, December 29, 2011

Becoming a Barefoot Ambassador

Al Bundy was sooo ahead of his time
The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy has a post about what an answer should be when someone asks you about minimalist running.  If I can summarize, his main point is to follow the Wheaton's Law... if someone asks you about your shoes say "I like them," and leave it at that.  If they push further, or ask specific questions, feel free to fill them in, but otherwise just let it drop.

I suppose I understand his point, but it is difficult to do when you're doing something that the "established" running-shoe wearer sees as odd (like when you're wearing Five Fingers or huaraches).  I haven't had too many people ask about my shoes (although I do get a few stares at the gym), but when I do it's always either a comment (a) of complete shock, or (b) of thinly veiled derision.  But, I suppose if the person making the comment is a total dick, I can just refer him to MGBG and then be happily on my way running faster than they are.

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