Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Camera or No for Disney Half Marathon?

As I sort of alluded to in my last post, I'm in the middle of an intense personal debate about whether or not to carry a camera when I run the Disney Half Marathon next Saturday. I don't want to get any pictures with any of the characters, but I have heard that it is kind of fun to chronicle a race by taking pictures now and then (e.g., of the start, the mile markers, anything else you see that is cool or inspiring). I've also read a few blogs that took pictures during the race at one of the last couple Disney Half Marathons or Full Marathon (like here, here, here (at the Disney "Wine & Dine" Half), here, here, and here), and some of the pictures or videos are really cool.

BUT, carrying a camera adds a whole bunch of problems. For example, I haven't been practicing with a camera during any of the training runs, so I don't really know how it will affect my running (although I have a few left that I could try to take pictures during). Also, I don't really have a convenient way to carry the camera, which means I either have to hold the thing during the entire race, or I have to buy a SPIBelt or iFitness belt at the Expo. I also don't know what to use as my camera. I have an older Canon Powershot Elph camera, but it doesn't take pictures very fast or very well in the dark (which most of the Disney race will be in the dark). I also just got a new iPhone 4S which has a semi-decent camera (8 megapixel that is actually pretty good for just quick snapshots), although again it may not be super great in the dark.

Finally, this is a race we're talking about here... and I have a time goal that would be a significant PR (1:56 for my "A+" goal, 1:58 for a "B" goal, and 2:00 for my "slower than this and I'll feel like a failure" goal, all of which are PRs for the Half). Although I think I could snap a few pictures here and there and still meet any of the goals, if I end up taking a lot of pictures (like a video of the start line fireworks, pictures of each mile marker, pictures or a video of Main Street USA, a picture of the castle, etc.) then it's going to slow me down considerably.

Can anyone help me?!

Update (Thurs. Dec. 29): Right now, I'm leaning toward bringing a camera (and probably my iPhone). I took a few pictures with it while I was driving (I kept my eyes on the road), and it took OK pictures. If there isn't any lights, then it won't take great pictures, but at least at some spots (like at the starting line) I can take some pictures or video and maybe on Main Street USA).

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