Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Disney Half Marathon Packing List

The upcoming Walt Disney World Half Marathon will be the first time that I have ever traveled to an event, so I've started to think about what I need to pack to make sure I'm well supplied. Here is what I'm planning on packing:

  • Vibram Five Fingers (VFFs) KSOs - these are the shoes I plan on racing in.
  • Iniji toe socks - I've been getting wicked blisters recently when I run in the VFFs (which I never really got before), so I'm going to need my toe socks
  • VivoBarefoot Evos - back up shoes in case it is rainy or (God forbid) snowy/icy. The VFFs don't have the best traction in wet or icy conditions, but my Evos are surprisingly solid even in snow and ice.
  • SmartWool Socks - if I'm wearing the Evos, it's probably somewhat cold... then I need my wool socks.

  • Shorts (probably Nike DriFit or something similar) - I have several pairs of running shorts, but I'm considering buying a new pair just for the race. I don't know if it will be warm enough for shorts, but right now the forecast is a low in the 50s, and if so I'm totally wearing shorts.
  • Short Sleeve Running Shirt - I've got a few of these as well, but I'll probably bring my bright yellow shirt (it's really bright, and I like that)
  • Arm Warmers (maybe) - If I decide to go with a short sleeve shirt, then I'll probably need arm warmers for the start of the race. I don't have any right now, so I'd have to buy them.
  • Long Sleeve Running Shirt - if it's in the 50s or 40s, I'll definitely need a long sleeve running shirt.
  • Outer Shell Layer - if it's cold enough, I'll need my outer shell layer, which is a half-zip made out of a material that is water resistant and somewhat windproof.
  • Running Pants - If it looks like it might be colder (low 40s or even 30s), then I'll want running pants
  • Running Underwear - if I use the running pants, I'll also need to pack my seemless running underwear. I do not want chafing down there. I've had that from a long run before, and it burns like the fires of Hades.
  • Gloves - I have some nice SmartWool gloves that are actually liner gloves, so they are very thin. They do nothing to cut out the wind, but they are warm enough for me down to 20 degrees or so.
  • Head Band - If there's some chill, but not so cold that I need a hat, I'll want the head band, which keeps my protruding ears warm.
  • Hat - I have a SmartWool "Lid" hat, which is very warm, without being bulky.
  • Disposable Clothing - if it turns out that it is going to be cold enough, I may want a throw-away fleece and/or pants that I can wear until the gun goes off, but that I can pitch once I start moving. I have a ratty old fleece that will work perfectly for this.
  • Garmin Forerunner 305 - one of the only indispensable pieces of gear that I'll bring. I hope to write a brief summary of my race goals and how I will use my Garmin for pacing... but for now, I'll repeat what I've said before, my Garmin has, by far, had the greatest effect on my running since I got it two years ago.
  • Pace Bands - I ordered pace bands from Races2Remember. You get three when you order, so you can have three different race goals that tell you the time you need for each mile of the race to meet your goal. I plan on wearing one band for my primary goal (2 hours), and another on my other arm for a kind of "dream" goal (I have both a 1:58 band and a 1:56 band. I plan on deciding which to wear on race day).
  • RoadID - I have the "Sport" write ID that I wear for pretty much every run. I hope to never need it, but if I collapse (or am hit by a car) during a run or a race, I want my wife and parents to be contacted ASAP.
  • Camera or iPhone (maybe)- I know several people actually bring cameras and take pictures during the race (for example, The Singing Runner), and I'm intrigued to do that. I still don't know if I want to carry a camera or my iPhone for pictures (both because it adds weight and because I don't know if I want to bother with taking pictures, even if it would be to capture a once-in-a-lifetime race).
  • Running Belt - if I do bring a camera, I think I'll want something like the SPIBelt or the iFitness belt to carry it so it doesn't jostle around too much during the race. I'd have to buy this too.
  • Water Bottle - I've been using Orbana Energy drink as a pre-race/pre-long run fuel, and I have noticed a big jump in energy during the runs when I have used it. I need a cheap water bottle that I can just throw away after I drink it (about 10-15 minutes before the race)
  • Fuel - I've tried gels (I prefer Hammer gels) and Jelly Belly Sports Beans, and I'm going to try some Gu Chomps during my last long run this weekend. I know there are ClifShots along the course, and I suppose I should try those this weekend as well, but I still don't really know which I want to use.
  • "Spots" Band Aids - there's no delicate way to say this, so I'm just going to say it. These are for my nipples so they don't get rubbed raw during the race. I don't really notice it much while I'm running, but if I forget these, after the race I'll be in pain for days.
  • Anti-Chafe - another essential product that there is no delicate way to describe. *Ahem* I put this on my.... *ahem* bikini area and on the bottom of my butt cheeks to keep from chafing in areas... where I don't want chafing. I also usually put some on the balls of my feet and around the achilles tendon. Body Glide is pretty much the standard that everybody uses, but I've also heard good things about 2Toms Blister Shield (for the feet) and SportsShield (for... other delicate areas)

Phew! And that's just my running gear. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything... I have a little over a week to figure out what else I might need.

[Edit: I forgot my iPod shuffle... that's going to be pretty necessary!]

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