Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap

I haven't been keeping this blog for that long (at least not this year), so I don't really have a very good record of what was going on, but here is a brief summary of my running year:
  • Total Miles - 615 (this includes bicycling and some eliptical workouts)
  • Running Miles - 492 (not bad since I didn't really start running again until May) 
  • Total Races - 2 (a pathetically small number.  One 5K, and on 10-miler.  I'm hoping this year to do more like 7-10 races of varying lengths)
I didn't really start running again until May, when I started back up by pushing my two kids in a Chariot Running Stroller just to give my wife a break (she's a stay-at-home mom, which is probably the hardest job in the world with an energetic 2 year old toddler and a one year baby).
After barely being able to push them a mile without walking, I eventually put in enough miles to be able to string a "normal" 3 mile run (which is about the minimum that I feel like I'm getting any benefit).  In July or August, a friend of mine said "Hey Mike, Steve (not his real name) and I are going to run in the Disney World Half Marathon in January.  Are you in?"  My wife jumped at the chance for a vacation and said "We're in," and I've been preparing (building a base) and training ever since.

I've been doing the Run Less, Run Faster training program, and I went from an initial goal of just not embarrassing myself, to a modest goal of 2:15 for the Half, to a "maybe I can PR (2:06)," to "I want to do this under 2 hours," to my current, hopeful, goal of 1:58.

Next week, I get on a plane to Florida to run through Walt Disney World and I have already signed up for one other Half Marathon in May, and I hope to do the Twin Cities Full Marathon in October.


  1. Not bad... but you are missing a butt photo :-P Happy new year! I hope you achieve all your goals this year!

  2. LOL Melie. I wouldn't want to start a riot of desire among all my female readers (which I think consists of you... and maybe one other reader).