Monday, July 6, 2009

Clumsiness Can Ruin Training Plans

I'm sure all my readers (I have had a grand total of two hits so far) have been wondering "Hey, what gives!? You claim to be a runner, but there hasn't been a single post about a workout (except for yesterday's walking workout. Are you just funnin' us?"

No, gentle reader... I am not "funnin'" you. The reason for my lack of posts about workouts is because last Sunday, I stubbed the forth toe on my right fit (i.e. "the ring toe") pretty badly and have been out of commission every since. I didn't stub it while running or doing anything else cool. I was just clumsy and hit it on a doorway on my way through. In fact, for a few days I was worried that it might be broken and that I was either going to have to drop out of the half marathon I was scheduled for in October because I couldn't even start my training plan for that race, or I was going to have to join a gym and start pool running (more on what pool running is in another post). Now, I think it is just bruised/sprained, and that after another week or so of rest and icing, I should be ready to get back into my training.

My whole point for this post is "BE CAREFUL!" A few seconds of clumsiness can undo months of hard work. Obviously, injuries are going to happen as part of any training for a long race like a marathon or a half marathon, but that doesn't mean you should help the injuries along by not paying attention. I wish I had taken this advice... because even if my toe is only sprained, I have still lost two weeks worth of running workouts that I will have to make up. This will screw up my training plan because I was counting on having that two weeks of base endurance training when I started my half-marathon training plan, and now I will have to build that endurance training into the schedule and take out some other speed/strength work (granted, I'm fairly new to long-distance training, so I didn't have too much speed work anyway, but that doesn't mean I wanted to get rid of it).

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