Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Workout: 4 Mile Easy Run + Speedwork

Distance: 4.1 miles (easy run portion only)
Time: 37:13
Avg. Pace: 9:05 per mile
Type: Easy run with 4x8 sec. hill sprint workout near the end (about 3/4 mile left on easy run after hills
Summary: 3.25 miles at about 9 min. pace. 4x8 sec. hill sprints with 1 min+ walking recovery after each, 0.85 miles at much slower pace (maybe 9:30 to 10 min pace).
Weather: Warm (low to mid 70s), sunny and windy, but otherwise very nice (low humidity).

My arch hurt a little in the middle of the run, so it looks like my plantar fasciitis may be flaring back up... back to stretching multiple times a day, icing, and ibuprofen. Man, are those 8 second hill sprints hard! My legs were feeling it during the second one, and I still had 2 more to go!

Next Planned Workout: Tomorrow (Thursday 7/16) morning 4 mile easy run.

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