Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Workout": 2.47 Mile Walk Around Valleyfair

Distance: 2.47 miles
Time: 2.5 hours (there were rides in between)
Avg. Pace: No idea (the actual walking time was much less than 2.5 hours)
Type: Walk
Weather: Warm (upper 70s, low 80s), clear
Summary: Walking around Valleyfair! amusement park with my wife, mom, and second cousins who are in town visiting.

Who knew walking around an amusement park for a couple hours could cover so much distance? Well, I guess everyone who's ever done it and felt how sore their legs are afterwards. This was a lot of fun... it was an unplanned birthday trip because my cousin and her kids (my second cousins) were in town and they had been at Valleyfair most of the day and my mom promised she'd take the kids back after dinner to ride a few more rides so my wife and I went too. Wild Thing is still the best coaster in the upper midwest (although Raging Bull and Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags in Chicago are also pretty awesome), and Renegade, which I hadn't been on before, also was one of the most fun new coasters I've been on in awhile (it whips you all over the place with a ton of twists and turns). Overall, a pretty fun end to a good birthday

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