Monday, July 20, 2009

Workout: 4 Mile Progession Run

Distance: 4.31 miles
Time (estimate): 40:30
Avg. Pace (estimate): 9:24 per mile
Type: Progression Run
Weather: Upper 70s to lower 80s, overcast, humid
Summary: First 3.3 miles easy (approx. 9:45-9:30 per mile), last mile at increased pace (approx. 8:45-8:30)

My legs were a little stiff and dead at first, but toward the end I felt really good. I originally planned on doing 4 miles total with a 4x8 sec. hill sprint speed workout, but since my legs felt so dead, I decided to turn it into a progession workout instead to get a little more aerobic benefit. I still can't find my ipod, so the paces here are educated guesses and I used them to estimate my total time.

Next Planned Workout: 4-4.5 mile threshold run, either tomorrow or Wednesday (probably Wednesday).

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