Sunday, July 5, 2009

Walking/Injury Workout: 3.3 miles

Distance: 3.3 miles
Time: 1 hour, 21 minutes (approx.)
Avg. Pace: 24 min/mile

I went for a long walk with Andy (my son) and Steph (my wife) today. This was the first "workout" of any kind since I sprained my toe (more on that here). We also stopped for dinner and ice cream along the way (although the dinner is not reflected in the total time), so we weren't exactly in a hurry. My toe felt fine mostly, but there was still a little twinge now and then. I am going to give it a couple days off and try a very easy jog for about 2 miles on Wednesday. If it still feels fine after that, I will try a normal 4 mile run on Saturday, and again if it still feels fine a 6-7 mile long run on Sunday. If it doesn't feel fine after any of those, I'll look into the pool running route.

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