Thursday, July 30, 2009

Workout: 2x10 min Threshold Intervals

Main Workout Distance: 2.57 miles
Main Workout Time: 20 minutes (2x10 min intervals)
Main Workout Avg. Pace: 7:46/mile (during intervals)
Warmup/Cooldown Distance: 2.49 (1.6 mile warmup before intervals and 0.9 mile cool down after intervals)
WU/CD Time: 24:51
Avg. WU/CD Pace: 9:58/mile
Type: Threshold Wokrout
Weather: Sunny, warm to hot (mid to upper 70s) and humid
Summary: 2x10 minute intevals. The first was slightly faster (about 7:45/mile) and went a little farther (about 1.29 miles) than the second (7:48/mile, about 1.28 miles). I took about a 5 minute walk/recovery jog between the two intervals. Warmup was for about 15 minutes for 1.57 miles (9:40/mile), and cool down was 0.92 miles in a little under 10 minutes (about 10:30/mile).

Once again, I was too fast. I was shooting for more around the 8:00/mile pace (or around my 10K pace according to McMillan), but instead I ended up being much closer to my 5K pace (which is about 7:42 according to McMillan). Oh well, Friday is a day off, so if it was too intense, then I get a full day of recovery to work it off.

These threshold intervals (or tempo intervals as they are often called) were very hard. It wasn't that the distance or pace was that hard, it's just my body is clearly not used to running at that fast of a pace for that long of time. I know McMillan said this was my 5K pace (or even a little slower), but I honestly can't imagine keeping that pace up for an entire 5K (which would be another 1.8 miles beyond what I ran for each interval). I guess we'll see on Saturday, as I am running the Courage Center's 5K Your Way on Saturday (although I do not plan to run that race at anywhere near my supposed 5K race pace).

Next Planned Workout: Courage Center 5K Your Way Race. Goal time, about 25-26 minutes, although up to 28 would be fine with me.

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