Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Workout: 4 Mile Easy Run

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 35:16
Avg. Pace: 8:48 per mile
Summary: 4 mile easy run at fairly constant pace (right around 9:00 per mile the whole time), slight increase for last 400-600 meters (maybe as fast as 8:00 per mile)
Weather: Cool (low 60s), Overcast, Sprinkling
I Felt: Tired and a little weak, particularly about 2.5 miles in.

My first pre-work morning workout since my toe injury, and it went very well. As I noted above, I felt a little tired and weak, but I think that was partly because I didn't get to sleep until after 11 last night and was awakened at 4:15 AM this morning by a little blond baby that needed a bottle. I did eat a banana about 30 minutes before I started running, so I don't think I needed any sports drink too before I started, but that might have helped (at least for the hydration part of it). It is very hard figuring out how to eat before a morning run like this. Thankfully, my morning runs are fairly short, so even if I don't eat anything I can still make it through.

I had to skip last night's planned Wii Fit stepping workout because of stuff that needed to get done around the house (cooking dinner, getting Andy to bed, folding laundry), but the Wii Fit workouts are more about just getting a little blood flowing then doing any actual cardio work anyway.

Next Planned Workout
: 4-4.5 mile run with speedwork (either 5x8 sec. hill sprints or strides/drills)

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