Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekly Total: Aug. 3-9

Running: 22.56 miles, Avg. pace: 9:43/mile
Other: 1 walk, 2.05 miles; 1 WiiFit Free Step and Strength Training
Workouts: 1 Threshold, 1 Speed, 1 Easy Run, 1 Pace Run, 1 Long Run
Total Miles: 24.61 miles

A very small increase in miles over last week (only 0.64 more miles, or about a 3% increase). That's fine, the mileage will be piling on soon enough. A noticeable decrease in Avg. pace (almost a full minute) as well, but that is OK too, because one of my runs last week was a 5K race with a huge spike in pace, and the heat over the weekend definitely slowed me down.

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