Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Workout: 40 Min Tempo Workout

Main Workout Distance: 2.05 miles
Main Workout Time: 17:00 (10 min. interval and 7 min. interval)
Main Workout Avg. Pace: 8:18/mile
Other Distance (Warmup, Cool down, recovery between intervals): 2.25 miles
Other Time: 24:32
Other Avg. Pace: 10:54/mile
Total Distance: 4.3 miles (click for details)
Total Avg. Pace: 9:39/mile
Type: Threshold Workout (Tempo Intervals)
Weather: Cooler (60s), fairly humid
Summary: 10 min. warmup (10:12/mile), 10 min. tempo interval (8:14/mile), 5 min. rest (11:38/mile), 7 min. tempo interval (8:22/mile), 9:30 min cool down (11:15/mile)

This was my first attempt at using the heart rate monitor (HRM) with my new Garmin to set my pace. I did two tempo/threshold intervals, one for 10 minutes and one for 7 minutes (w/ a 5 minute rest/recovery walk/jog in between) and tried to keep my heart rate (HR) between 80-90% of my max HR. The first interval went pretty well, I stayed right around 85-90% of my max for the whole time, and my pace stayed in the 8:00 to 8:15 range (avg. for the 10 minute interval was 8:14/mile) and my HR slowly got larger until the last minute was a little high and I had to slow down. For the second interval, my HR shot right up to the upper end of my goal zone (right at about 90%) and my Garmin kept giving alarms of "HR too high!!" As a result, the second interval was slower (8:23/mile), but still in the range I wanted it to be.

I find it interesting that this week I went a shorter distance than last week (4.3 rather than 4.4 miles) at a slower average pace (finished in 41:32 rather than 40:00 minutes) even though my total time running a tempo pace was longer (17 min. vs. 15 min.), but I did run a slower pace during the tempo portions in order to stay in my desired HR zone and I slowed up during the 5 min. rest so that my HR went down enough before the next interval, so I guess it makes sense.

Running by heart rate was interesting, but next week I think I will set the tempo run up based on a pace range and see what my resulting heart rate looked like. Then I can compare the two and see which I prefer.

Next Planned Workout: Tomorrow (Wed. 8/12), 3-3.5 mile easy run

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