Saturday, August 1, 2009

Workout: 5K Race (Courage Center's 5K Your Way)

Main Workout Distance: 5 km (3.107 miles)
Main Workout Time: 25:42
Avg. Workout Pace: 8:16/mile
Cooldown Distance: 1.27 miles
Total Distance: 4.38 miles
Type: 5K Race (Threshold)
Weather: Coolish (low to mid 60s), windy, sunny
Summary: 5K race at between 7:55/mile and 8:30/mile; 1.27 mile cooldown walk/jog

I kept a mostly constant pace (I heard someone else say to her running mate that we crossed the 1 mile mark at 7:55, and I finished the entire race with a 8:16/mile average), and I didn't embarrass myself. In fact, I was right in my range of goal times (I wanted to finish in the 25-27 minute zone). I went out a little fast, but I was able to control myself and dial it back for most of the rest of the race. I also was able to finish with a little bit of a kick, and I think I could have finished even stronger (maybe shaving off 15-30 seconds, but I doubt much more), but the point of this race wasn't to do the fastest 5K I could, but rather was just to run at around 8 min/mile and get my workout in today for my half-marathon training.
Next Planned Workout: 6 mile long run tomorrow (Sunday Aug. 2)

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