Thursday, August 13, 2009

Workout: 6x400m Speed Intervals

Main Workout Distance: 3.02 miles (6x400m intervals plus approx. 0.3 mile recovery jog between each)
Main Workout Pace (Intervals): 6:19/mile (avg. interval time 1:35)
Warm Up/Cool Down Distance: 3.01 miles
WU/CD Time: 31:37
WU/CD Pace: 10:32/mile
Total Distance: 6.03 miles (click for route/details)
Type: Speed intervals
Weather: Cooler (low 70s), but still very humid

I increased the number of reps. to 6 this week and I did much less walking during the in-between recovery portions (I walked maybe 100 meters during one rest period, and maybe 25-50 on another, otherwise I did a slow recovery jog). I'm still going too fast on these (averaged 1:35 per interval, or about 6:20/mile when they should be around 1:45-1:50, or about 7:10-7:20/mile), but I was still a little better than last week (for my very last interval I went way faster just to see how well I could do, and that threw off my average a little, most of the intervals were in the 1:35-1:40 range). These are still pretty tough, especially in humidity like we had last night, but I am noticing that my heart rate recovers much quicker than it used to.
Interval Times:
1. 1:29 (5:59/mile)
2. 1:37 (6:28/mile)
3. 1:40 (6:40/mile)
4. 1:38 (6:33/mile)
5. 1:40 (6:42/mile)

Next Planned Workout: Tomorrow (Fri. 8/14) Rest Day; Saturday (8/15), 3 mile easy run.

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