Sunday, August 30, 2009

Workouts: Monster Dash Week 5 - Aug. 24-30

This was supposed to be a normal week, but I aggravated my plantar fasciitis on Wednesday playing touch football with co-workers, so it ended up being an unplanned extra rest week.

Running Miles: 15.42 miles, Avg. Pace 9:44/mile
Other: 2 Walks, 4.2 miles
Workouts: 1 Threshold/Tempo, 1 Long Run, 1 football game (speed), 2 Walks
Total Miles:
19.62 miles

Only a slight increase (2.5%) in total mileage from last week, thanks to my walks, and a big drop in running miles (12% decrease). Oh well, what am I going to do, run on a bum foot? Here is how the workouts broke down:

Monday (8/24): Rest day

Tuesday (8/25): Tempo intervals, 5.33 miles, 50:02 (Avg. Pace 9:23/mile)
10 min. warm up (1.15 miles, Avg. pace 8:41/mile)
10 min. tempo interval (1.22 miles, Avg. Pace 8:11/mile, Avg. HR 174)
3 min. recovery walk/jog (0.22 miles, Avg. Pace 13:44/mile)
7 min. tempo interval (0.84 miles, Avg. Pace 8:19/mile, Avg. HR 173)
3. min. recovery (0.22 miles, Avg. Pace 13:55/mile)
5. min. tempo interval (0.61 miles, Avg. Pace 8:09/mile, Avg. HR 173)
12 min. cool down (1.07 miles, Avg. Pace 11:13/mile)

I felt slower during this tempo workout, and I was a little bit slower than past tempo runs (by about 5-10 seconds per mile), but I have still increased my total time in a "tempo" zone by about 5 minutes since a few weeks ago, and my pace is still in the range I'd like, so I can't really complain.

Wednesday (8/26):
Touch football with coworkers, estimated about 2 miles, mostly sprinting.
I had fun, but I reaggravated my PF and I was limping around for two solid days afterward. However, this acted as a decent substitute speed workout, albeit at speeds faster than I really need to run.

Thursday (8/27): 1.8 mile walk (short walk at lunch, and walking with Steph and Andy at the Zoo)

Friday (8/28): Recovery Day (for PF)

Saturday (8/29): Recovery Day (for PF)

Sunday (8/30): Two workouts
8 Mile Long Run: 8.09 miles, 1:20:32 (Avg. Pace 9:57/mile)
A very good long run after several days off and my considerable leg pain and PF pain. Five of my mile splits were under 10 minutes, and 2 were under 9:45 (the 1st and 6th miles were both at 9:34/mile). Only 2 splits were substantially above 10 minutes (Mile 2: 10:15/mile, Mile 5: 10:32/mile), but both of these miles included a HUGE hill that I didn't feel like trying to power up (especially since it had been a couple weeks since I ran anywhere near this far, and since my PF still twinged a little). Overall, I'm very happy with this long run.

2.4 Mile Walk: Walking around the Minnesota State Fair with Steph and Andy

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