Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Workout: 40 Min. Tempo Run

Distance: 4.68 miles
Time: 44:05
Avg. Pace: 9:25/mile
Type: Threshold, Tempo Intervals
Weather: Cooler (upper 60s), cloudy
Summary: 10 min. warmup (approx. 1 mile), 10 min. tempo interval (1.23 miles, Avg. pace 8:07/mile), 5 min. rest (0.45 miles), 9 min. tempo interval (1.12 miles, Avg. pace 8:04/mile), 10 min. cool down (0.9 miles)

I took an extra day off to recover after last week, which was a pretty tough week, and as a result this was a really great set of tempo intervals. I tried to keep my heart rate in Zone 4 for both of the tempo intervals (i.e. between 80-90% of HRR), and my pace was fairly consistent for both intervals, although I let it creep a little higher for the last 1:30 of the last interval. Not a bad workout to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of my son's birth.

Next Planned Workout: 3-3.5 mile easy run Thursday (8/20)

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