Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Workout: 40 min Tempo Workout

Distance: 4.41 miles
Total Time: 40:00
Avg. Pace: 9:04/mile
Type: Tempo Run/Threshold Workout
Weather: Cooler (low to mid 60s) but very humid, windy
Summary: 10 min. slow warmup pace (approx. 10 min/mile), 5 min slow buildup, 10 min threshold pace (approx. 8 min/mile), 5 min slow recovery jog (10 min/mile or slower), 5 min threshold pace (approx. 8 min/mile), 5 minutes cooldown (between 9 and 10 min/mile).

Overall, I felt pretty good. No lingering effects from the weekend race. My right shin still had a little twinge, but nothing too bad. The tempo intervals didn't seem as bad as last Thursday's either, although the first 10 min. interval was still pretty tough toward the end. I think it helps a lot that I did these on Tuesday after a full day of rest, instead of last week on Thursday after two straight days of workouts and a speed workout only two days previous. I also think that the 2x10 min intervals I did last week was a little too much for my first week of training, so I backed it off a little today and shortened the second interval to only 5 minutes. Next week, I'll try increasing the second interval (maybe to 7 min.). Hopefully by race day, I can get up to 2x15 min. tempo intervals, or even better 3 total intervals (maybe 15, 10, 10). I should also probably try just a long tempo run (maybe 25-30 min at a slightly slower pace). So many choices!

Next Planned Workout: 3-3.5 mile easy run, Tomorrow (Wed. Aug. 5)

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